Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Stop dogging on the fans

So I see the intrepid Philly sports writers have climbed aboard the Bash the Fans bandwagon. I guess they're out of mean things to say about our wretched sports teams, so it's time to go after the paying customers. Before Monday night's Eagles game against Carolina, ESPN did an excruciatingly long feature story on the Snowballing of Santa -- a boilerplate story that apparently must be mentioned every time a major national sporting event takes place in this city. You had to know that Gov. Rendell - who was at the game in question -- would be hauled out to talk about it too. This 38-year-old event is trotted out by the media to demonstrate what callous boors the fans in this city are, even though we aren't the ones who started a riot on disco demolition night, destroyed the city after a championship, or started a globally-broadcast melee from the stands. And I sort of don't think the infamous 1995 forfeit - in which Dodgers fans tossed hundreds of souvenier baseballs at players and umpires - gets mentioned every single time they broadcast a game from L.A.

But it got worse during the game. At one point the Panthers absolutely laid Jeff Garcia out with a brutal hit, and backup A.J. Feeley put on a helmet and started onto the field. But Garcia pulled himself off the mat and waved Feeley away, and the Philadelphia fans committed the terrible crime of booing. From the announcers' reactions you would have thought the fans had caught a flight to Darfur and slaughtered some villagers. Hey Lords of Decency: Philly fans like A.J. Feeley and think he should be starting, with or without one lonely 3 touchdown performance from Garcia. That means we are going to boo Jeff Garcia. Deal with it. And maybe visit some other stadiums around this country, where they boo people all the damn time, even in Baseball Heaven out in St. Louis. Wankers.


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